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    Fashion Revolution 2018

    Fashion Revolution blijft groeien en vraagt in meer dan  100 landen #WhoMadeMyClothes AMSTERDAM, 5 APRIL 2018 – DE GROOTSTE MODE-ACTIVISME BEWEGING TER WERELD, FASHION REVOLUTION, IS OPGERICHT OM DE MANIER WAAROP WE KLEDING PRODUCEREN, INKOPEN EN VERKOPEN TE VERANDEREN. DIT JAAR BESTAAT DE BEWEGING VIJF JAAR. Met het jubileum van Fashion Revolution onderstrepen we automatisch dat vijf jaar geleden de grootste ramp in de kledingindustrie plaatsvond: het instorten van de Bengaalse kledingfabriek Rana Plaza op 24 april 2013. Hierbij kwamen 1138 mensen om het leven en er vielen 2500 gewonden. Om ervoor te zorgen dat een ramp als Rana Plaza in de toekomst voorkomen wordt en merken blijven werken aan…

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    Re-Boot Your Company

    The Fashion Industry is in Transition. And that is a good thing! My first steps in the Far East in the ’80 made me in transition. Step by step as a good transition hat to be done to progress. I am thrilled that I am asked by Niccy Kol to step in the “Re-Boot Your Company” Project.  Please contact us if you want to know more about it. The project take place during the first edition of State of Fashion in Arnhem, the Netherlands. A team of specialist in the textile industry will host you through this amazing program; Niccy Kol, Sanne van Dungen, Marina Toeters and Roosmarie Ruigrok. What…

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    F/Maggezien a new Ethical Fashion Bible

    Because of the 10th anniversary of Clean & Unique in March 2017, Erwin Polderman & I had a meeting about to create a magazine I wanted to have as a give-a-way that evening. But we want it to be good so it took more time.  On 24th April 2017 we did it! The first issue was online! What a response we had! We moved on and besides 3 issues, there is also a VEGAN special and the team works on 2 tailor mades. One for LIV Stores in Utrecht, the Netherlands and one for Auryn Jewels in Switserland. I am very proud I stood along the cradle of this amazing…

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    Fashion Revolution Netherlands

    Since 2013 Roosmarie joins the team of Fashion Revolution. In the years 2014 and since 2017 Roosmarie is the coordinator of the team. Further the team excist; Rosa van Erderen, Ashna Chattna, Matthijs Kettelerij and Jos Cozijnsen For further information see the website of Fashion Revolution http://fashionrevolution.org/country/netherlands/

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    Inspirational Notebook “An Ode to Ethical Fashion”

    Inspire yourself and others with this Ethical notebook by Clean & Unique. Sustainable printed by EcoDrukkers in the Netherlands Artwork by Dutch fashion illustrator Tessa de Graaf who made the special artwork for our 10th anniversary 17th March 2017. Expect fair & slow fashion visuals and who = who in the slow and ethical fashion industry. And use all those blaco pages to unlease your creativity!! Good to know that we start printing when we reach 150pieces so we wont’t waste any paper & more! Specs: Hard Cover, 13 X 21 CM. 72 Pages blanco, 24 Inspiring full colour pages. Price € 14,50 incl VAT Order here  

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    Women’s Day 2017 – My Mission to Dhaka

    Better business(-conditions) in Bangladesh Report by PUM communications 8th March 2017 Roosmarie Ruigrok adviced and coached eight SMEs in Bangladesh, producing textiles locally in the slums. Aside from sharing her expertise and knowledge in textile-production and related subjects such as marketing she also talked with entrepreneurs and employees alike about CSR-issues. This is her story.  Roosmarie Ruigrok: ‘Working with the women in Bangladesh was very impressive. There is enormous activity and energy and people are very willing and motivated to get ahead. I started with very basic informative training sessions on how to produce better looking products. While working with them, I would talk to women, sometimes girls, about topics…

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    Dastoon, Your Shortcut to Fashion

    Loving new steps in a market where it is full of blogs and webshops. I was immediately enthusiastic when Reza Seiri asked me to cooperate with him. What : Writing 2 blogs for Dastoon about trends in sustainability related to fashion (2015-2016) What : Promoting the website ( November 2016) Why : As I think Dastoon was the missing link in High end Fashion. Most designers have a website and now Dastoon is supporting them in visability and sales. Outcome: 2 Blogs. Promoting Dastoon by press release and social media

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    CBI – Vietnam days

    Who: CBI - "CBI contributes to sustainable economic development in developing countries through the expansion of exports from these countries." What: Program maker for the sustainable fashion visits in The Netherlands during the Vietnam days 2014 Result: 2-day business2business program for 3 ineternational fashion manufacturing companies in Vietnam.