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“CSR Sector Risk Analysis”

Past week ( November 2014) the Dutch government published the KPMG

“CSR Sector Risk Analysis”.



It is an attempt to bring a global map out the extent to which the Dutch business through their production has to do with the risks in the area of human rights, labor, environment, corruption and taxes.

There are 13 sectors rolled with the highest “risk” for victims or victims, including textiles and clothing, agriculture, food processing, construction and electronics. In at least six sectors child labor is a big risk.

Incidentally, no sector is free of CSR risks.

 ICN, Stop Child, Clean Clothes Campaign and other members of the CSR Platform have provided much input to the “Sector Risk Analysis”.  The Sector Risk Analysis is a starting point for the government to talk to about the 13 sectoral agreements to reduce or eliminate risks.

The CSR Platform published an initial response to the Sector Risk Analysis and the accompanying letter of the Dutch Ministers Ploumen and Kamp bringing up on the follow-up.

Read the report and the response of Ploumen and Kamp: here

Read the reaction of the MVO Platform: here