Future generations will ask each of us what did YOU do? May we all be able to stand tall & clearly say;

” we did everything that was necessary “


00f13195d9cb42287c23fcf9945971be This is what Clean&Unique does!

  • Our website provider www.leaseweb.com  is the most green provider we could found via www.thegreenwebfoundation.org
  • From January 2014 – 2016, I volunteered in the board of a sustainable network in Amsterdam www.dora-netwerk.nl
  • Since 2016 I volunteer as a textile expert for https://www.pum.nl
  • As I think it’s important to share, I advise 2 times per year for free my expertise to starters in the textile industry in developing countries organized by PUM https://www.pum.nl/
  • I buy always consumer products with a green label like Fair Wear Foundation, Made-By or with a Fairtrade label       www.fairwear.org  www.fairtrade.net  www.made-by.org
  • For food I focus on Fairtrade or organic certifictionlabel   www.fairtrade.net  www.europeesecolabel.nl
  • As I do not believe in waste I recycle all what I can do Inspired by Cradle2Cradle     www.cradletocradle.nl  www.braungart.com   www.mcdonough.com
  • Because I believe in C2C, I do my best to stimulate Circle Economy projects www.circle-economy.com
  • Since 2015 I am an Ambassador by The Circular Valley at Schiphol-Rijk in Amsterdam  http://circularvalley.nl/
  • Since 2018 I am in Partnership with http://www.amsterdammade.org/ and https://fashionforgood.org/
  • Since 2018 I am the representative of https://www.maxtex.eu/ in the Netherlands and Belgium

Buy less, share and stay healthy!