An Ode to Sustainable Fashion | 10th anniversary of Clean&Unique | 17th March 2017 | 20:00 – 22:00 hr

Today's world is changing faster than ever. Take a deep breath and see where we came from and where we're heading in the world of fashion. Clean&Unique started as a platform for small fashion labels and designers with a common interest in fair and green business. Nowadays it is an independent consultancy for ethical trade and sustainable supply chains. We follow the story of Clean&Unique through four panel discussions by visionaries, entrepreneurs and futurists that reflect on the fashion landscape.

Speakers from various creative backgrounds gather to present best practices, broader visions and conceptual approaches in panel discussions composed around a number of themes. Among them established and unknown designers, journalists, entrepreneurs and thinkers who are shaping the present and future of sustainable fashion.

Word of welcome by - Roosmarie Ruigrok - Founder Clean&Unique

Free tickets and reservations

Moderator Milouska Meulens
Milouska studied at the School of Journalism in Utrecht. She worked for the television programme Zembla and presented from 2000 to July 2015 the news on Dutch television. In 2006, Milouska was "The Mole" in the television program “Who is the Mole ?” From September 2015 she presents “Vroege Vogels”, a nature program at NPO Radio 1. In addition Milouska presents “Green Light” at the NPO-television, a journalistic report program on green facts and fables.

Visionaries – World of change
Tara Scally - Campaign Coordinator Schone Kleren Campagne
Sophie Koers - Associate Director, Fair Wear Foundation
Rianne de Witte - Designer & Owner

Entrepreneurs – The brands and platforms
Annouk Post - Autor
Elsien Gringhuis - Founder and designer at Studio Elsien Gringhuis
Carlien Helmink - Co owner Studio Jux
Jeannette Ooink - Platform Awearness Fashion

The Confusion – After RanaPlaza: Climate change & Social impact
Nienke Steen - Senior Consultant Corporate Responsibility at Modint
Bert van Son - Owner Mud Jeans
Gwen Gunningham - Circular Economy & Beyond Green ( Amsterdam Fashion Institute)

A Melting Pot – New areas
Gwen Gunningham - Circle Economy & AMFI
Cécile Scheele - Initiator Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week
Hanneke Op den Brouw - Project manager European Clothing Apparel Project
Marina Toeters -

About Clean&Unique
Ten years ago Roosmarie Ruigrok, Niels Oskam and Marian van Weert organised the first ‘Green the New Black | Clean&Unique event’. The aim of the event was to set up a foundation that helped small brands and starters in fashion to learn more about sustainability. A lot happened after that day in March 2007. In 2012 the Fair Wear Foundation took over the foundation and renamed it into Young Designer Platform. Roosmarie continued Clean&Unique as an independent consultancy with a focus on Ethical Trade and Sustainable and Recycle Textile Supply Chains.

Cloth Swap Party Rome 24 September 2016

Who: Ciao ECO lifestyle and Clean&Unique

What: Fashion SWAP party

Where: Italy | Rome

Together with amazing partners HUMANA and Occhio del Riciclone we like to invite you for a great moment to swap, get advices and having fun!
Come and join. Drink an Italian aperitivo with us and learn more about to alterate your closet into a sustainable one!

“How Future Proof is the Fashion Industry?” 7th September 2016

Who: Clean & Unique for DORA-Netwerk
When: 7th September 2016
Where: Pakhuis de Zwijger AMSTERDAM
INFO: Facebook

Clean&Unique organized for DORA Networking "Hoe Future Proof is de modesector?"

Er zijn veel wantoestanden in de kledingbranche. De RANAPLAZA ramp in Bangladesh in 2013 heeft het grote publiek
de ogen doen open. Maar hoe gaan de duurzame ondernemers in deze sector er mee om? Welke materiaalkeuze
maken zij om minder belastend te zijn voor het milieu en hoe houden zij rekening met de arbeidsomstandigheden
in hun productielanden. Hoe kunnen zij de consument overtuigen om duurzame kleding aan te schaffen? Deze
onderwerpen en vragen behandelen onze sprekers op onze DORA avond en zij laten zien hoe je kan ondernemer
zonder dat dit ten koste gaat van mens, milieu en natuur.

Inloop en registratie
Opening door Avondvoorzitter: Jan-Willem van Balen, programmamaker & acteur
Keynote Speaker: Irene Maldini
In haar keynote speech zal Irene meer vertellen over haar onderzoek aan de VU; "User involvement in design: implications for
the sustainability of clothing" Oftewel hoe je consumenten al kunt betrekken bij het design van mode om zo consumenten
dat gene te bieden wat zij ook daadwerkelijk willen.

Drie duurzame ondernemers

Bas van Wayenburg - Studio Bas van Wayenburg,
Caroline Mewe - Alchemist Fashion ,
Anita de Wit; ReBlend

Show van collectie ByBrown met ReBlend garen gemaakt

De toegang is gratis voor ondernemers, zowel leden als niet-leden, en voor studenten.