Healthy Seas & Fashion

From the moment I read about the “Plastic Soup” in 2007, it came to me as the true realization that everything in this world is interconnected. Solutions about “Plastic Soup” is not easy. “Clean-Up” on beaches, processes providing no micro plastics in beauty products are little steps. But this is not enough. The seas are full of our junk.

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Patagonia began in 2008 already recycling used Pet bottles for new polymers for their fleece garments, then followed by many others. Clothing brands such as Nike came up with football uniforms for WK2011 that this yarn is made of petbottles. Of course it could always be better. We cannot live without Nylons, read polyeters,  as it was introduced  since the 2nd world war.  But how is it since then?Fuels are depleting because for those who did not know, polyesters are being made from oil.Transportation is massively on electric vehicles and is greatly sought new economies because the problem in this area is much larger than the male main media has announced.

Aquafil, now one of the largest providers of Nylons in the world, build in 2011 a whole new machine to upcycling. Waste polyester products turns out that Nylon6 may be limited to a new yarn again. Aquafil collects old fishing nets from fish farms and more and brought with it the yarn Econyl ®  on the market. Not so new so. What is new is the cooperation with the story of StarSock from the Netherlands, with a huge heart for sustainability, Starsock works for a long time with ECNONYL. It was therefore StarSock the organization & ECNC brought by the beating heart of CSR with Aquafil in touch. Because, the whole seabed is covered with 640,000 tons of nets, mainly made ​​of nylon. Volunteer divers, diving for some time on these networks, but did not cope with it. Nets now been beaten and the Healthy Overseas organization founded in May 2013. Since May 2013, for 20 tons of fishing nets by these divers brought to the surface and processed into a yarn which Nylon6 quality fabrics for swimwear is made.

In October 2013 I traveled to Slovenia where Aquafil the whole process of fashion bloggers, journalists, textile experts and environmental experts at a unique point is able to show during Healthy Seas Kick-Off event. Impressed by what I already knew, because if plastics are swirling around in the seas, they will be eaten by fish that we eat again, I would like the world to bring together to enhance this initiative. There are partners who need to make a difference. Storage for the nets, green transport, but also customers. Adidas and Lotto have already shown interest. I will follow this closely and, where possible, bring this initiative to the attention. Because we only have one earth, one body and one life.We should go to waste it! Let the journey begin!

Interview Roosmarie at Launch of Healthy Seas