Hello 2018!

What an amazing year 2017 it was!
Time flys when you have fun, and fun I had. First of all I am very proud about the celebration of 10 years Clean & Unique. Happy with all the 16 participants around the table, the audience and the online followers and the people who helped me to come to this meaningful event. Till today people still reflect with me about that rainy evening in March 2017. Click here for the wrapup
Mattheijs en ik bij RTL4
Last year I spoke on the Dutch TV about @FashionRevolution, the project in Dhaka, Bangladesh for @PUM. I showed up as keynotespeaker at @FashionClash, @FashionForGood, The @Young&Fair event in Utrecht, At the fashion event of @AwearenessFashion and the evening @HumanityHouse about the conditions in Albania organised by @NextFashion. I enjoyed so much and thanks to all for having me!
Many projects came by as @Ynside @F/Mag. @TransitionAgendaGovernment and I was for many of you the sparringpartner to listen carefully to your wishes and dreams.
With the experience I have after more then 25 years in the Fashion Industry, I see it all as one holistic approche. Every supply chain, brand and idea with their own uniqueness. When you want to do it, do it! But do it with common sense and your own identity. Otherwise you become like the rest. Follow your dreams and dare to make steps. How I see this I talked about it on OW-myworld
_Fashion Revolution 17 MuseumPlein AF-7786 kopieI am looking forward to 2018. I will be the representative of for the Netherlands&Belgium. Also beeing the coordinator again for @FashionRevolutionNetherlands. With my partners of @AmsterdamMade and @FashionforGood I see great collaborations and I hope to see you soon! If you need me, just call me!
Warm wishes,
Roosmarie Ruigrok