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Lease or Keep & Fashion

Leasing of hotel linen and workwear is known for years . Why not for your own wardrobe? Is it a possibility for the consumer to lease an item of a, so carefully chosen fashion item by themselves?


Since 2013 you  can and you can find out. Dutch Spirit launched “Lease a Suit” and Mudjeans launched the concept “Lease a Jeans”. This year Mudjeans expected the first worn jeans to come back plus they enlarge the concept by “Lease a Fleece”. An exciting period for this unique fashion concept.

Explained briefly the Lease a Jeans concept by Mudjeans; You conclude a lease contract , while you pay € 20.00 at the start and then spent a € 5.00 each  month. After one year, you can decide whether you return, or you keep the jeans. So simple!If you return the jeans , then the claim of Mudjeans is that the jeans will be recycled.

Recycling can be done in several ways. More on this, I will write in another blog. I think it’s wonderful that this possibility is created and a fashion brand takes its responsibility, even after the product has been worn.

The concept of leasing has been already proven by the hotel linen and workwear sector. But, what can you make out of it? Although it is stiRecycling Uniform naar garenll difficult to make qualitative yarns out of it, there are some developments in this area. At this time, mostly textile processes for the isolation of swimmingpools and gymnasiums or used in the automotive industry. Think of the shelf in your car!

As you can see on the above picture, I was involved in 2009 to find out possibilities of the old uniforms from KLM. As it’s important to separate the textile from colour & materials it was not possible to do for KLM at that moment. Unfortunately at that moment the only way to upcycle the textile, was into a wonderful scarf, wich has been sold by KLM. A good example of a circulair economy product!

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