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Re-Boot Your Company

The Fashion Industry is in Transition. And that is a good thing! My first steps in the Far East in the ’80 made me in transition. Step by step as a good transition hat to be done to progress. I am thrilled that I am asked by Niccy Kol to step in the “Re-Boot Your Company” Project.  Please contact us if you want to know more about it. The project take place during the first edition of State of Fashion in Arnhem, the Netherlands. A team of specialist in the textile industry will host you through this amazing program; Niccy Kol, Sanne van Dungen, Marina Toeters and Roosmarie Ruigrok.

What you can expect

  • A guided tour with an introduction and explanation of the exhibition State of Fashion, as a starting point for a different view on the future of fashion.
  • Signage with participants in the exhibition.
  • An insight understanding into the trends, using best-practice cases (Patagonia/Eileen Fischer).
  • Understanding of the economic values of circular systems.
  • Insight into cross-sector partnerships.
  • An ideation workshop, disconnected from ‘the worries of the day’.
  • Scenario planning and the definition of newly selected routes.
  • Practical tools for your organization.

In short: an effective pressure cooker to quickly and specifically gain insight into the possibilities and opportunities that the transformation of the fashion world offers for your company! See more