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    OW – Our World Platform Summer 2017

    Our World is a platform that brings innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship in the fashion industry together. With a focus on the Dutch market, on this page you find stories, initiatives and information we bring to you in English. For their expertviews Nanette Hoogervorst and I spoke about my vision on a sunny day in Amsterdam, 2017 28 sep In de versnelling: verduurzaming van de mode-industrie Geplaatst op 11:20h in #expertviews door Nanette Hogervorst  Al 15 jaar is Roosmarie Ruigrok voorvechter van duurzame mode. Haar expertise ligt bij supply chain management en vanuit die rol werkte ze in de beginjaren bij Fair Wear Foundation en was ze katoen manager bij Max Havelaar.…

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    Women’s Day 2017 – My Mission to Dhaka

    Better business(-conditions) in Bangladesh Report by PUM communications 8th March 2017 Roosmarie Ruigrok adviced and coached eight SMEs in Bangladesh, producing textiles locally in the slums. Aside from sharing her expertise and knowledge in textile-production and related subjects such as marketing she also talked with entrepreneurs and employees alike about CSR-issues. This is her story.  Roosmarie Ruigrok: ‘Working with the women in Bangladesh was very impressive. There is enormous activity and energy and people are very willing and motivated to get ahead. I started with very basic informative training sessions on how to produce better looking products. While working with them, I would talk to women, sometimes girls, about topics…

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    Fashion, it’s a material thing!

    As fashion is a material thing, sustainability is mainly driven on alternative materials. Of course we know better as the supply chain has many difficulties. From raw materials to final product it’s a way to go and today the supply chain doesn’t end by only selling your product but it is not as easy as it seems in today’s supply chain! Instead of the 3 P’s : People Planet Profit which was used last years to build a decent sustainable business plan I would like to introduce to you the 5P’s. To enable a sustainable business I think we have to use the People, Planet, Partnership, Prosperity and Peace. The…