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    Hello 2018!

    What an amazing year 2017 it was! Time flys when you have fun, and fun I had. First of all I am very proud about the celebration of 10 years Clean & Unique. Happy with all the 16 participants around the table, the audience and the online followers and the people who helped me to come to this meaningful event. Till today people still reflect with me about that rainy evening in March 2017. Click here for the wrapup Last year I spoke on the Dutch TV about @FashionRevolution, the project in Dhaka, Bangladesh for @PUM. I showed up as keynotespeaker at @FashionClash, @FashionForGood, The @Young&Fair event in Utrecht, At…

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    Women’s Day 2017 – My Mission to Dhaka

    Better business(-conditions) in Bangladesh Report by PUM communications 8th March 2017 Roosmarie Ruigrok adviced and coached eight SMEs in Bangladesh, producing textiles locally in the slums. Aside from sharing her expertise and knowledge in textile-production and related subjects such as marketing she also talked with entrepreneurs and employees alike about CSR-issues. This is her story.  Roosmarie Ruigrok: ‘Working with the women in Bangladesh was very impressive. There is enormous activity and energy and people are very willing and motivated to get ahead. I started with very basic informative training sessions on how to produce better looking products. While working with them, I would talk to women, sometimes girls, about topics…

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    Fashion Revolution Day 24/4/2014

    Het Gildelab: Rana Plaza zet aan tot lokaal produceren vrijdag 25 april 2014 Hoewel het Gildelab nog niet geopend kan worden, vieren de initiatiefnemers toch vast het begin van het project. Het is immers Fashion Revolution Day – de dag waarop consumenten hun kledingstukken binnenstebuiten dragen om aandacht te vragen voor de arbeidsomstandighedenwet van textielarbeiders – en dat vond het Gildelab een goed moment om het startschot te geven voor een nieuw productieatelier, dichtbij huis. Alleen nog even machines regelen en een verdienmodel verzinnen. Het Gildelab, een ruimte aan de Bos en Lommerweg in Amsterdam West, moet een plek worden waar de maakindustrie – met name textiel en leer –…