Trital Workcloth CSR Advice

Trital BV CSR Advice

Who; Knowing Trital BV and Roots BV by my work for Fair Wear Foundation and Fairtrade Netherlands, the director came to me and asked "We want to do more on Sustainability, please help!"

What: Besides an outside-in and a inside-out research I recommended also another point of vieuw about charity. Trital BV want to do good as a Corporate Responsible Business. We are proud Trital BV followed our advice and found in Brandwonden Centrum a proud social partner.

Result: This resulted in cooperation between Trital BV and BrandwondenCentrumBeverwijk. Specialists, hospitals, burnvictims and Trital. Read here Trital BV

Read here randwondenCentrum

During the Safety@Work 2016 fair in Ahoy Rotterdam, both organisations will speak for the first time about this 3 year long partnership!