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Atelier Noterman offers contemporary designs with great respect for tradition & craftmanship. The Atelier Noterman collection is offering a range of trousers who all have one thing in common. They’re perfectly tailored & stylish. We go the extra mile, for the perfect fabrics, a perfect fitting & dito finish. Because luxury is in the details.

CEO Wouter Noterman: "The start of the sustainability process is to make everything transparent what we do. Furthermore, sustainability means corporate social responsibility. So we don't just go for marketing, but take into account the way in which a product is created, both in terms of the environment and in terms of human beings."

Since 2016 Atelier Noterman is committed to sustainability in various ways, but sustainable materials are the main focus. Atelier Noterman already chose Detox Denim in 2016, an environmentally friendly fabric that is weathered by laser and ozone techniques (and not by using harmful substances). In contrast to the production process of traditional denim, the production of this type of jeans requires no less than 80% less water, 80% less energy and 80% less chemicals. In addition, the laundry for which Atelier Noterman is working with wants to reuse the same water for one month within the foreseeable future.

Atelier Noterman has great ambitions, namely: to switch to the most sustainable substances that are also made as locally as possible - without compromising on quality because that continues to take precedence. They already buy as much as possible from Germany, Spain, Italy, and Portugal. They systematically scanned its fabric suppliers to find out how sustainable they are. Atelier Noterman introduced the switch from conventional cotton fabrics to their GOTS-certified counterparts at E5 fashion (with some 50,000 trousers per season one of their most important customers). Each season, the volume of GOTS cotton is increased with the aim of achieving 100% at an "affordable" time path. The manufacturing finds a place in Portugal under good worker conditions.

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