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ChickenorPasta is about making choices. Reminding you that you are making choices all day long and that all these choices influence your personal world as well as the world around you. During my work as a flight attendant some years ago, I realized how Flight Safety instructions and expressions gave the same sense of direction and clarity of mind when taken out of their original context. Printed on sweatshirts, t-shirts, and bags, these expressions work as a ‘note-te-self’ for you to carry with you throughout your day. Playfully helping you to become more aware of your response-ability and the positive impact you can have through the choices you make. Responsibility towards yourself as well as the planet you live on. I believe these go hand in hand. This is why all the products sold at ChickenorPasta are made with respect for people and the planet; fairy and sustainably. The print is also screen printed locally in Amsterdam with water-based ink. Together with Clean & Unique I hope to motivate you to become more aware of the possible choices you can make and the impact they have, in order to positively influence the world of fashion and otherwise. Choose consciously, let it have meaning and make it last. Heleen Rittershaus Founder Chicken or Pasta

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