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Derived from the two words, Earth & Responsibility, EARRES is an endeavor to take the responsibility of our mother earth into our own hands. We believe that feeling responsible towards our mother earth is the key to live in harmony with nature & the ecology as a whole.
Our vision is to be an example that the economy need not necessarily be against the ecology and both economy & ecology can go together hand in hand with harmony.
All our offerings under the brand EARRES Wear is based on Ethical Cashmere. With its incomparable softness, the fiber from the cashmere goats has a unique structure which makes the cashmere one of the finest fibers in the world.
All our goats are treated well with love & respect, after all, they are keeping us warm. We make sure that no harm or discomfort has been created to the goats in whatsoever way. They are an integral part of our family & we love them very much.
Handcrafted by locals in the heart of Nepal, we have carefully selected all our partners, to guarantee the best quality and conditions for every person involved in the making. All our production process is certified and we use only the finest and the most luxurious yarns in the highest quality.
We ensure that every item is ethically handcrafted with love, happiness and care in every step of it's making so that our customers can make a sustainable choice in terms of luxurious clothing.
Doing so definitely isn't an easy task and a lot of challenges to be handled. But when we see everything around us just as a part of ourselves, then every step becomes a joyful process. Love for our mother earth is what strives us to move forward.

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