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LOGOCOMO strongly believes in being yourself and wearing whatever the hell you want to wear so its clothing is for everyone. One love, one sex.

Sustainability. We don't want to be part of the pollution in the fashion industry, therefore we only use fabric remnants and second-hand clothing (from which we try to find the origin as much as possible) to make our collections. This means: no new water consumption, no water pollution, no shady working conditions! All clothing is made locally in Rotterdam, which means: No CO2 emissions! 

We also want to make our work process more transparent. We noticed people often don't realize how many actions are in a single garment and how much time it takes. Therefore it's not surprising many people think ten euros is a good price for a t-shirt. So with every piece, we will provide a list of the time and money spent on it. Hopefully we can help fashion in becoming valuable and man-made again instead of an abstract product without emotion.

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Romy van Eijk