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“Your item is made with love and care by people of Ssaar

Out of respect for nature & people, we consciously choose our textiles and workshops for production.

Textiles & You
We select textiles that don’t harm nature and people.
The textiles should be comfortable on your skin and move around your body easily in daily life. We believe if your item feels comfortable you like to wear it often.
The item becomes a part of who you are.

Colors and Structures
The collection is always in uni colors. For prints, we love textiles with structures. Woven structures in textiles like the check cotton or the Japanese cotton with woven polka dots this Summer.
Uni colors usually will last longer in your wardrobe. That’s also a part of sustainability.

We love linen
Linen is one of the oldest textiles in history. Growing the linen flax plant is environmentally friendly. The plant grows fast, therefore no pesticides are needed and the plant doesn’t exhaust the soil. Almost the entire plant is used to produce the textile. All linen products are biodegradable. This is why a big part of the collection is made of linen.

The workshop is a Dutch company in Poland. The women of the workshop have good workconditions like in The Netherlands.

We believe in our timeless collection. We respect the people who develope our textiles and making clothes for you with love and care.
For that reason we don’t do a sale.

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Founder & CEO

Kim Heijster