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Simplifying Sustainability
 We make supply chains ethical, easy, 
transparent and enjoyable.
Clean & Unique is the leading on- and off-line platform for sustainable fashion brands, designers, experts and suppliers. Here, they all find each other and strengthen each other.

While the designers and fashion brands make their unique, fair and beautiful items, the suppliers and the experts are ready to help them to build and operate a sustainable, fair business. They all have their own specific expertise to guide them and accelerate their sustainable ambitions. 

Clean & Unique is the ideal partner for fashion and textile start-ups and scale-ups on their journey towards a clean based and unique brand DNA.
No matter if it’s the production process that needs to be reviewed, or a particular step in the process or if there’s a need for more exposure, our experts are ready to be of assistance.

Our community
Designers and Fashion Brands
They create unique, fair, and beautiful items, embodying the spirit of sustainability and innovation.
Suppliers and Experts
Ready to assist in building and operating a sustainable, fair business. They offer specific expertise to guide and accelerate sustainable ambitions.

Awards and recognitions
Clean&Unique has been recognized for its commitment to sustainability in the fashion industry through several prestigious awards.
Triodos Bank (2011) | Named "Sustainable Entrepreneur of the Year", recognizing the commitment to sustainability.
Ethical Fashion SOURCE Awards (2013) | Won the "Outstanding Contribution to Sustainable Fashion" award.
European Social Innovation Competition (2019) | Awarded second prize, recognizing innovative projects that create positive social and environmental impact.

These awards and recognitions highlight Clean&Unique's contributions to promoting sustainability in the fashion industry, as well as its innovative and effective approach to sustainability.

Join our movement!
As a member you are part of the movement towards the new economy, in which positive financial results go hand in hand with the care for people and planet. 

Together with designers, companies, experts and other entrepreneurs, we aim to accelerate our impact; nationally and internationally. Make your sustainable ambitions known to us and we will help you realise them. We will tell the world about them through our experts and channels. 
You can make use of our matchmaking at our Marketplace, get in touch with suppliers and manufacturers and help shape the Sustainable Fashion & Textile Agenda. 

Clean & Unique is more than a platform; it's a catalyst for change in the fashion industry. Make your sustainable ambitions known to us, and together, we will forge a path towards a more sustainable and ethical fashion world.
Our Manifest

We work with overall experts and with specialized experts.  So either you have questions about the entire supply chain or about one step in the chain; our experts will help you so you can start right away.   
And we’ve made it simple for you.  ‘Cause we understand: you no longer see the wood for the trees.' We simplify sustainability. And we make it an enjoyable journey for you. The journey to become clean based on your unique brand DNA. That’s Clean & Unique. 

Connect. Act. Go!

People | Humans

More than 70% of the garment workers in the fashion industry are women, among which 87% are not paid the minimum wage in top production Asian countries. We value brands that value all employees with equal human rights that everyone deserves.

Planet Earth

The fashion industry is one of the largest polluters on earth, with a thirsty water consuming agriculture. From aceint materials like hemp, up to the leaf of Pineapple to using the waste of oranges into fibres, we love the new posibilities are using avoiding chemicals in fashion.


Cow leather is the most widely used leather and accounts for 65 to 70% of world production. We support animal rights. By adding innovatieve materials as vegan category, our mission is to inspire desigers purchasing of working with animal friendly products.


Doing business in fashion is well known as a closed one. Not knowing where our clothes are made means no transparency. To make a breaktrough and to do good you need partners, the right partners. Knowing and sharing with whom you work gives more reliability to your costumers.


Most consumers of fashion are young people. The so called new generation of Milennials are more lucidly making decisions аnd as such, they present an example on how fashion industry are key in the process of changing habits.


Most wars in the world are because of water, oil and hunger. As these three elemants are a main element in the fashion industry we have to investigate better materials for our use. Re-thinking our use to do better.