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Roosmarie Ruigrok

The driving force behind Clean & Unique is Roosmarie Ruigrok. 
She is a sustainable fashion & textile expert pur sang with more than thirty years of experience in this field. She knows exactly how the fashion industry works and has a great network of national and international contacts. 
As a textile buyer, Roosmarie discovered her passion for establishing fair production- and supply chains. At the young age of 28 she started her own company in 1991, Promax Corporate Fashion, to work on this vision. Roosmarie supplied specially designed corporate fashion to well recognized compagnies like Hema, Philips, ABN AMRO, Hotelplan and the Metropolitan Orchestra, to just name a few. Promax designed and made the exclusive high-end corporate fashion in it's own atelier in the Netherlands. 
After selling her company in 2001, since she worked for Amnesty International, Fair Wear Foundation, as a CSR consultant for the Elsewear Foundation (Green is the new black) and Fairtrade Netherlands and Belgium as cottonmanager. In 2007 she launched the Clean & Unique platform to help the fashion industry to understand the need of transistion to an industry we want. 
Besides her own platform, in 2013 she brought after the collaps of Rana Plaza the worldwide movement Fashion Revolution to the Netherlands. From 2020-2023 she managed for the City of Amsterdam the European Horizon2020 Reflowproject that seeked to understand and transformed urban material flows and co-create and test regenerative solutions at business, governance, and citizen levels to create a resilient circular economy. And, from 2020 - 2023 Roosmarie was the coordinator of the Denim Deal
With her extensive knowledge of the (sustainable) fashion industry Roosmarie has contributed to the documentary ‘De slag om de klerewereld’, the TV-program Tegenlicht and many other television- and radio and online programs like NOS,   Trouw,  IMFoundation   Magazine Elle . She is regularly booked as guest lecturer and speaker at major fashion events.
To get in contact with Roosmarie, send an email to [email protected]