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BoxerinBlue – Swim & Resortwear

Dutch designer Wendela de Goederen has a strong drive to transition BoxerinBlue Swim & Resortwear (2015) into a more sustainable brand. She is constantly looking at ways to improve her environmental footprint. She has recently transferred BoxerinBlue’s production from China, where she used to live, to the Netherlands. “I'm pleased to present my Made in Holland (MIH) collection, locally produced in an Amsterdam atelier.”

“I’d like to categorise BoxerinBlue as slow fashion: the timelessness and quality of the products allow for a long lifespan. New collections always add on to (mix & match) the existing ones to avoid that customers replace or even throw away their existing products. Moreover, I look at upcycling opportunities, using parts of the old collections to create new designs.”

Inspired by her life in Singapore and Shanghai, as well as her love for water, Wendela has developed swimwear that is timeless, even ageless. Her collection allows the body to follow its natural beauty. The retro-look designs, of which the wraptops are not underwired, appeal to a global audience who prefer to wear authentic pieces.

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