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We are common|era

We believe in a sustainable, transparent, and fair clothing industry. Fair to people and fair to the world. A world where fashion meets sustainability, transparency, and healthy circumstances for all fashion workers.

Did you know that the fashion industry is a significant contributor to global pollution, accounting for a staggering 10% of CO2 emissions? Not to mention the excessive waste of water, energy, and the use of harmful chemicals during production. After this, at the end of a garment's extreme short life cycle, tremendous amounts of clothing are (illegally) dumped or incinerated. Produced in factories where people work hard, too long and unsafe. All for a very low wage.

And this is where we differ!

We refuse to be a part of that old-fashioned cycle. Instead, we shape our brand by working towards a sustainable clothing industry. Our garments, made from recycled materials, are not just fashion statements; they're our commitment to a better world.

Our commitment to transparency means you'll know exactly where and how our clothing is made. Let us redefine fashion for good so that you can contribute effortlessly to a cleaner, socially conscious industry.
Respect your style and your values and join our common|era!

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