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Draquis Sustainable Swimwear for Men

Draquis is a sustainable swimwear brand for men born from a desire to change the fashion industry. During Caitlin van der Scheer’s fashion studies, she learned about the devastating impact of the industry on the environment. This made her realize not want to be part of the problem; she wanted to be part of the solution. After returning from a surf trip, Caitlin wanted to continue the sunny beach vibes. This is why she started looking into swimwear and how to make it more sustainable.

After a long search, Caitlin came across Amni Soul Eco®, the world’s first polyamide yarn with accelerated biodegradability. A special formula was added, making it break down in 3-5 years in landfill, much faster than other synthetic fabrics, which can take decades or even centuries to biodegrade!

All synthetic fabrics release microplastics during laundry, which make their way into the sea. Thanks to the accelerated biodegradability of Amni Soul Eco®, these microplastics will biodegrade 20 times faster compared to traditional synthetic yarn. The added formula makes it easier for bacteria to reach and digest the material. This process will only start when the yarn is exposed to a combination of ideal conditions like oxygen levels, light, micro-organisms, and exposure time. In your daily life, you won't find yourself in these precise conditions, so there is no need to worry; they will not fall off as soon as you jump in the water!
Amni Soul Eco® has all the same qualities as normal polyamide yarn, like high durability, fast drying, breathable, and color fastness, but it’s also super soft and comfortable! The accelerated biodegradability does not negatively impact any of these qualities or its lifespan.

Sustainability benefits
Every year, over one billion pieces of clothing are discarded into landfills. When these reach capacity, new ones need to be created, destroying natural habitats and agricultural land. In landfills, clothes release microplastics and toxic chemicals into the soil and water, contaminating ecosystems and posing risks to wildlife and human health. This is why Caitlin decided to use Amni Soul Eco®, to minimize environmental impact and reduce waste passed on to future generations.

Draquis Sustainable Swimwear for Men
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